hey, i miss you

i’ve been writing here for so long and then i go through six weeks with barely a post..! quite an unexpected summer break – hmph, i’m not liking that, so:


i’m stuck in suburbia. get a car you say? and pay for gas and insurance and registering the car and maintenance and oh yeah, i’d need to buy a car too? no way. i hate that there’s no public transportation around here – there’s very limited bus service available about 5 miles away but the rest of the time, i rely on the kindness of.. family, who let me use their cars. this dependence needs to stop, but i don’t know what to replace it with. most everything i have to get to requires the use of highways and is usually 20+ miles away.

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sorry for the extended silence here. i got the flu and it’s been making me miserable for days now. i insisted on leaving the house tonight, or else i’d go stir-crazy, and that was nice, but now i’m back to miserable.

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