cities & rambles

i’ve gone into d.c. a couple of times this past week, and oh am i glad i did. for one, public transportation makes me happy ~ it did in l.a., and it still does. not to say it can’t be such a drag at times, and the waiting is rarely ever fun, but still, there’s a connection among the passengers, a feeling of freedom with only a bus pass in your pocket, a sad disdain for the poor frustrated angry drivers sitting alone in their big cars, a sense of possibility and happy chance meetings… all of that i missed.

serious linkage

i have lots of little projects going on – some just in my head, but some that other people can actually see. here’s the result, so far, of some of the head ones:

gavin + viva

first, thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes via email, snail mail, comments and even a text message (which was the second one i’ve ever gotten. i felt so hip and with it. ;) ~ i’ve been living it up the last few days with lots of little happy-birthday-to-me gifts (shoes! skirts! books! food food food! fat quarters! a trip every day to the library! .. yeah, well for me, that’s living it up. i’ve also been spending some good aunt time with all the babies and as both my parents are away right now and will be for the next couple of weeks, i’m also animal-lady, taking care of three cats, eight fish (salt- and fresh-water), two dogs, and two horses. it’s been busy.


as of 7:50 tonight. i subscribe to the whole birthday month idea, so there will be more celebrating-me posts to come. ;) for now, i just started a fire, am cuddling down with some nice cats and dogs, looking through a pile of books, eating a lot of feta in brine with bread, and lots of staring at the moon too.