scattiness abounds

i’ve been all over the place lately – and i don’t mean traveling so much as moods and interests. it’s always been a wide spectrum, but this past twelve months has seen an all-time record high. i’m not going to write about the moods right now.. they’re not interesting to probably anyone besides me, and they even bore me a lot of the time! ;) besides, it’s my birthday in five days, i’ll be 30!, and i don’t want to look back and think “oh i was going through one of those freaking-out-i’m thirty phases, that’s what that was.” i’m not sure what this is that i’m going through, but i’m hoping for some originality at least. and i’m pretty sure it’s not connected to fear of mortality or wrinkles or that kind of stuff.

boulder & a bride to be

happy news: my sister claudi got engaged two weeks ago to her boyfriend of over four years! it’ll be a late fall wedding, but we’ve already checked out some paper stores, dresses, and flower shops while here in boulder. ..we keep teasing her about her ring, accusing her of flashing it at us all the time, but she’s in denial. ;) (in that second pic, she’s supposedly pointing out the orange button, ha!)

frustrated with the world

which of course means i’m frustrated with myself. so. retreating, keeping my hands busy and my toes warm. tomorrow i go to boulder for a few days to spend some time with my little sisters – that will be most excellent.