something finished

make that somethings, because i finally added the zipper to the long-suffering urban aran, my first time doing that, and i t works great. thank goodness the weather, at least at night, is starting to almost be wool-worthy. kinda. not really. but close enough. just did a little mini-photo shoot, so look for that soon.

dye day

alert: new background, so click ‘reload’ on your browser a few times if it doesn’t load automatically; it’s the flammarion woodcut – an image i’ve loved, and have framed in my bedroom, for a while now. this image just freaks me out ~ makes me go all dreamy-eyed and wistful.. something about being trapped and escape and possibilities and the beauty of the world all wrapped up. huh.


thanks for all the comments on that last post ~ i’m sending my brother the link today and i’m sure he’ll be pleased as punch. so far, so good: he’s home now and happy to be out of the hospital and scott is doing well too, though will be at john hopkins for a while yet.

my brother is the best

a few years ago, my oldest cousin on my dad’s side, scott, got really sick, all of a sudden. so sick it seemed he might die at any moment. it was a scary time for him and all the family, especially his wife and two daughters. it turned out his liver just wasn’t working any more – not due to too much drinking or drugs or any of the usual reasons livers stop working, but from some rare disease called PSC. to make matters worse, all this increases the likelihood of liver cancer, which if it happened, would spread more quickly to the rest of the body before a transplant would probably happen. all very scary stuff.