general forecast: as of friday, that’s what i am, unemployed. people at work/school, kept asking me, well what’s the plan then? and i’d just grin and say nothing, nada, zip. for this first week at least, i plan to veg – get out silly movies from the library, spin like a mad woman, cook a lot, go sightseeing on the bus for hours, read a ton of books, and sleep sleep sleep.

lazy hazy crazy days of summer?

um, i don’t think so. there’s just too much that’s interesting that i want to learn and do and.. if it’s not clear yet, i’m definitely one of those go-go-go! people (though i like to think i can totally chill now and then), that’s just my normal mode, for good or bad. so even now, after my sister left, i have two days of work to go, etc. there’s still so much. nothing booked, no firm plans till october, but my brain is bursting with to-do lists. thank goodness none of them binding.


it’s been a great two weeks at work – full of interesting people, tasks, and conversations, but i am exhausted. tonight i plan on catching up on sleep since tomorrow i’m hosting a spin-in at my place with a handful of spinning friends. yay!

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