at long last

hello ~ hope your weekend was happy and relaxing! this is (finally!) my catch-up post, well almost catch-up, no pics of orangina or my hair (which at this point has roots-gone-crazy) but a bunch of others that i hope are interesting.

tonight’s the night

i’ve been trying to organize this summer now that my sisters left (sigh) – to cap, we had a blast: basically ate like there was no tomorrow and talked our selves out till all we could do was sit with no words left to say, pat our full stomachs, and smile. it was a lot of fun – and i miss them already. lucinda took the pics and swore she’d send them to me asap so as soon as i get them, i’ll post them here, ‘cause i want to brag about my beautiful sisters!

it’s oh so quiet

hi ~ it’s been a while, how are ya? ;) me, busy as always, but sans computer (sob), i’ve been feeling pretty internet-deprived. as i sit waiting to talk to an apple rep (they have good muzak, though a tad too moody for impatient folks like me), i thought i’d type up a bit saying what’s up..