thank you heidi!

class break, but i had to post these three pictures. the first is my ella tank, done and drying—it’s all rib basically, so i scrunched it up so it wouldn’t lose the rib elasticity, especially as it’s a cotton blend and doesn’t have much elasticity to begin with. better pics coming soon, i hope. also, corrections for the pattern which was totally whack – say crucial mistakes like saying ‘C4L’ (cable four left) when they really meant ‘C4B’ (cable four back). easily fixed once i realized what was going on, but until then, agggh. however, at the end of it all, i think it was a good first cabling project – not too boring and definitely makes you really understand how cabling is done.

friday bits

Happy Army-Recruiter-Free Day! see here especially. remember the video game america’s army? sick. and how about not letting the cia conduct marketing campaigns on colleges too, ok? if you know someone of high school and college-age, and don’t we all?, pass on this info – kids are being targeted like we never were, in slick sick ways and straight out lying ways. some kids are fighting back; i particularly like this slogan: “racist, sexist, anti-gay, u.s. military go away.”