progress ;)

hello internet! i’ve been a busy bee, yes i have thank goodness, and so far have been able to pretty much keep on top of school work and work work and even a little (but really such a small little) bit of house work… just as i’m typing though, i see one of my plants – a hardy succulant jade plant no less! – is visibly dying so all’s not totally well in this here hull household (alliteration! and yes that’s my last name by the way ;) ) plus i’m wearing bottom-of-the-barrel clothing and my cats are playing hide-and-seek in the laundry basket mountain, so ahem, yes there’s still quite a bit to do. however, on to the knitting, right? ;)

chugging right along

i’ve been working on catching up on school work – particularly reading for my excellent young adult literature class – and i’m happy to say, prematurely of course!, that i’m almost there, phew. i’ve been reading (and writing) like a madwoman, but at least the books (for the most part) have been really good YA, a genre i like very much, and books that i had heard a lot about but had never read.