happy may day!

at my college, may day is a big day—the day marking the end of the quarter, with exams beginning the day after may day, and also celebrating the end of the academic year. although i wasn’t a big participent in the traditional may day events at bryn mawr, i loved that it was such a huge deal—and yes, it was, unlike any other school i knew of.

the credit card is the devil’s helpmate

yes, finally i’ve succumbed to the obligatory ‘i’m spending too much money on yarn’ post—i can’t help it. someone posted on a knitting listserv that this one online store (www.bopeepswoolshop.com) was having a crazy 50% sale on wool. i saw wool, didn’t want wool, but what i did see instead was rowan’s summer tweed in two gorgeous colors. for only $4.50 a skein! gasp.