booty search

my niece kiyra will be baptised later this month and i’d been trying to decide what to make as a gift. i kept waffling and finally yesterday it just clicked and i decided on erika knight’s beautiful lacy bonnet from her ‘knitting for two’ book that i got our from the library (can i mention again how much i love the l.a. library system – you can get anything!)

monday revelations

hello there! well, as you might have noticed, my secret pal revealed her name to me this weekend and she is none other but the fabulous glamorous sweet-as-can-be (but we already knew that, didn’t we? ;) ) kimberli of! i still have two (ahhhh! TWO!! how exciting!) packages winging their way to me—one from new york, one from hong kong (she’s a busy traveling girl so no wonder i got packages from new york, california, and new york!) you all have seen the great goodies i’ve gotten from my secret pal as well as all the comments, but you haven’t seen the many sweet e-mails and just-at-the-right-moment e-cards that just made my day, so once again: THANK YOU KIMBERLI! as you would say ‘weeeeeeeeeeee!’ ;)