this is not a knitting blog

not that there’s anything wrong with a knitting blog, just that this isn’t one of them. i started this whole thing about two years and a half years ago in an attempt to learn html, calm my parents about what i was doing with my life (which is now funny cause they never ever look at this site, ay), and have a place to store links and such. in the past nine months, i’ve been moving more and more towards primarily knitting content, which is great since i really enoy knitting a lot, more than i thought i ever would, but sometimes i feel like if i don’t post about knitting, i’m letting people down, or something like that. there’s this pressure that builds up around having a blog, or even a web site at all, that is weird and also totally unexpected.

..and i’m back

hello there ~ my head is still spinning a bit, but yup, i got back last night. it was excellent and exciting and i loved it, though at the very end of it, i got a bit down by some drama. right now though, i’m feeling plain old overwhelmed with all the stuff i have to catch up on.


i’m taking a ton of pictures but haven’t figured out how to get them online yet. to sum up: the wedding was yesterday and was perfect. the bride was beautiful, the groom impatient, the church intimate, the priest friendly, and my dress, well, just too cute. ;) i was relieved to discover that not only is white perfectly acceptable at italian weddings, especially if there’s other color mixed in, but that there were a few other women also in largely-white outfits. surprisingly, most of the other women were dressed in black, entirely in black. hm. so now we know, at italian weddings, at least at sicilian weddings, black and white are fine.


hello there—i’m in milano right now waiting for my flight to palermo… i’m typing on this weird keyboard that’s literally jus plastic with little key-squares printed on it, very unsatisying to type on besides being really hard to get legible words out on…. but no complaints here, i’m in friggin’ italy! ;)