one thing about displaying more than a post at a time : it’s really easy to just give in to the urge to post more than once a day. before, i would think to myself ‘hold on to that idea for one day more because if not practically no one will ever see today’s earlier post’. now though, huh, i’m already thinking about extending the display to 5 posts at a time. woah, there, andrea.

redesign fun

hello ~ man, i love this background image – ever time i look at it i want to shiver with both excitement at seeing snow as well as shivering becuase it must be so cold in that picture… yeah, yeah, i’m so snow-deprived, i’m getting silly, i know.

crazy hazy days of… winter

school has started with a bang and all is going well there right now (knock on wood). i can see why ucla graduates so many child librarians – ginny walters is a really really good teacher. she had a bunch of us practically in tears yesterday while she was telling a story proving how librarians can really make a difference in a kid’s life.

sick day

my tammy sweater is done – and yet again (drum roll please) it seems like i made it too small. so frustrating. it’s blocking right now or else i’d disastrously model it. i’m hoping against hope that the washing and blocking will help either shrink it so it’ll just be a tight sweater or loosen it up so it’ll be like the sweater in the pattern book. this time i choose the right size, i got the correct gauge (after some false starts), but silly me, when the pattern said “to fit bust size ” they meant to fit tightly not loosely like on the model in the book. argh. argh- i know what stripes look like on me, and believe me, tight stripes is not a good look!