tammy concerns

just starting my day and it’s almost 4 pm… sigh. i stayed up last night till almost 5 am knitting, watching movies, and chatting on a forum supposedly devoted to politics but in general was more about socializing…it was a lot of fun but waking up at almost 1 pm today, i wondered where my saturday had gone. and then promptly stayed in bed for two more hours knitting and watching for the umpteenth time ladyhawke (great cheesy film, with a soundtrack by alan parsons, of i can read your mind fame).

playing hookie

it’s 7:30 in the morning. i have class at 9 but am seriously considering just skipping it. i haven’t finished the assignment due, it’s almost an hour drive to get there (though only 12 miles away. grrr, i hate l.a. traffic), i’m exhausted (we had an open house reception at work last night so i worked 12 hours yesterday, ugh), i’m underslept (for days and days now), after class, i’ll have to rush like crazy to get to work on time at 1 pm, and also trouble is sitting very sweetly on my lap purring like a sweetie. all the signs point to skipping this class.