super sunday

hi there ~ sunday night and all’s well. to sum up: today has been a good day, full of computer learning, library perusing and web browsing; i just ate a very good tamale with burnt cheese (the crispier the better, i say); and the air is beautifully crisp.

the last weekend

i tend to write here on fridays ~ this will be the third friday in a row that i post something, and i’m sure the same is largely true for most of the other months. i do feel a definite lightness in my step, ready to relax and have the best of all things: unscheduled time!

when it rains, it pours

today has been a miserable day so far. yes, this will be a moaning clutching-my-head kind of post so feel free to skip away to some happier site. there’s much to be unhappy about today, but here’s a smattering: