when it rains, it pours

today has been a miserable day so far. yes, this will be a moaning clutching-my-head kind of post so feel free to skip away to some happier site. there’s much to be unhappy about today, but here’s a smattering:

cough cough

so, i’m sick. it’s official. saturday morning i woke up with a slightly scratchy throat. i’m rarely rarely! sick so i just tossed it off and went on with my day. i ate little to nothing that day because a) i was too busy, b) my fridge is a joke (albeit ant-less, hurrah), and c) i have horrible eating habits in general. little did i know as i went to sleep saturday night that my body was plotting some serious payback ~ but yes, sunday morning i woke up to revenge: a very sore throat, an aching head, the phlegmiest cough you ever heard, and a dizzy ‘woah’ feeling every time i stood up. my body is on strike.

linkin’ log

another reason to love wikipedia: its current events page. it lists month-by-month events that happened around the world (though largely concerning the u.s.) with tons of links to entries in wikipedia and elsewhere. also, there’s a column on the right that lists deaths that month, ongoing events, ongoing armed conflicts, upcoming events, upcoming elections, upcoming trials, and more. and for those who care, there’s even a current sports events page.


hi there ~ school starts in two weeks. i am slowly but ever so slowly getting used to that fact.. but now for some fun stuff: i love my ipod. i have a bunch of songs on my ipod with space for lots more. a lot of those songs are from cds i’ve bought, and a lot of those songs are from p2p users. so, that’s what this post is about ~ p2p music and sharing. note: this here is mostly for mac users.