stashing part 1

happy monday? hope so.. theoretically it’s now monday morning as i type this but i’ve sworn to myself that i will close this laptop and go. to. sleep. as soon as i finish this post, so really it’s still sunday night for me.

broken window

hi there ~ it’s a hint-of-rain sleepy wednesday but i must say my feet are a little sore. why, you ask? because my car was broken into saturday or sunday night ( i was happily homebound most of the weekend and didn’t discover what had happened until monday morning, running late to work. sigh.) and i’ve had to walk and take the bus basically everywhere. so, back to wearing jeans and not skirts (not a hassle i want to deal with right now) and back to hording quarters. but something pretty important and nice: i forgot how much i really like riding the bus! so that’s a definite yay.


*update: looking for audio of the presidential debate? check here and here too (even has keyword audio seraching!) .. *