experience library

as part of my public libraries class today, we met at the cerritos library. named the best public library in the u.s. by reader’s digest this year, it’s a big shiny new library that i was at first really impressed by. later though, except for the kid’s section, i ended up not liking it a whole lot. i know a lot of thought was put into the recent re-designing of this library, but i don’t feel it was successful. early in the class, i heard one classmate mutter that the library felt like a mall. ironically, the city librarian, when he spoke to the class a few minutes later, used that same simile (overheard from a teen in the elevator months ago) but as the highest compliment possible.


[i love my new bookshelves!]this is what happens to me when my site is down for two days: i get super organized. not only did i get a brand new fridge (well, used, but it’s new to me) that doesn’t need de-frosting every week, but i also tossed the following things that hadn’t been touched in over a year:

election clips & mopes

lately it seems every day friends are pointing out more clips, thirty second movies, and ads all about the upcoming presidential elections, so i thought i’d put them all together in one place.


[very exciting, little idea of what disappointement is coming up]hello. as these photos show, i’m a very frustrated knitter today.