recap & planning

hello. i just finalized my italy plans, at least how i’m getting there and getting back. i’ll have one full day in maryland before i leave with my little sisters to join my parents and my older sister and her husband and i’ll have a night in maryland when we all come back on the 28th so that i can chill and relax one last night. this way, i can spend some time with my adorable niece and nephew as well as my very-cool brother and sister-in-law.

happy friday

happy friday ~ wow, this month has really flown by, i feel like i’m always saying happy friday recently.

hating m1

hi there. it’s been a busy bunch of days ~ finished my scarf (very thick and wooly and wonderful, though i felt a tad silly knitting such a scarf in los angeles. in july. during some of the hottest days so far this year. blink.), which i have yet to take pictures of (bad andrea), started ambitiously on a new project knit-wise, and worked furiously on getting the last web content up in time for the unveiling of the new web site for work (phew).

busy busy

hi. yesterday was a good day, albeit pretty frustrating.. at work, we’re going a little crazy since not only are the national conventions quickly approaching (i.e. a lot of work for us preparing for special broadcasts of past convention coverage), but there’s also a major site redesign that we’re hoping to unveil tuesday next week. yikes! .. so, very busy at work.