catch up (on rice, yum)

new york was a lot of fun ~ i got back tuesday morning and, thankfully since tuesday’s are my day off, spend the whole day relaxing and having fun. although i spent three full days in boston and only one in new york, i saw a whole lot more of new york in that one day. the saa conference was great but really a working conference.

last night in boston

well, this boston trip is ending on such a high note that, since i’m still not in my hotel, getting ready for sleep, i really feel i should find some wood to knock on before i jinx myself too much (note to self: must get wooden necklace, bracelet, whatever)..

off to boston, tra la la

yay, i’m off! the last few days have passed in a blur ~ but a beautiful blur. i have a list of good places to go to, including bookstores and yarn stores, and i’m taking my ipod, lots of yarn, great books, and a comfy p.j. or two ~ i plan on doing a lot of relaxing and sleeping. it’s a working trip but i’ll be in nice hotels, with soft sheets and cable tv. oh ho, a life of luxury for me!


[done, all done!] how much does it suck that yarn stores i finished my beautiful bag on saturday and since then, my hands have felt a bit useless. last night, after an unfruitful day of yarn shopping (went to three, count ‘em, three! yarn stores, two were closed/just closing and the third was just too expensive (though i did get some really pretty alpaca yarn. oh bolivia! but i’m saving it for something more useful than a scarf..)), i cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom, getting rid of old broken appliances, mopping the floor twice, evicting some cockroaches from under the sink, and in general freaking out my poor kitties.

my to-be-felted bag

hi there! last night i finished my to-be-felted bag ~ as you can see by my happy grin. tonight will be the actual felting of it and i am super-nervous. it looks really pretty but so big it’s kinda clown/toy-y feeling. by the way, as shown in the second picture (click on them to go see them bigger), i finished up the bag while watch john kerry on tv ~ fun, especially the part where the producer, not knowing he was on air, started cussing when the thousands of ballons in the ceiling didn’t fall when they were supposed to. hee.