spring cleaning for the fall

i’ve been feeling for a while that i have just way too much stuff, some of it definitely junky or never never used, and my apartment is just way too small. well, i can’t fix the small apartment thing, though my hand my be forced if they raise the rent anytime soon, which i’m afraid they will.. anyhow, but i can take care of the stuff part. i’ve been telling myself for a while that once the crazy month of traveling, that is, august, ended, then i would do some serious purging. about a month ago i got rid of seven or so groccery bags-worth of clothing (some sent home for safekeeping, sentimental-worthy clothes you know, and some put right out on the curb, disappearing within five minutes).

back home

hi ~ i got back from italy yesterday and am rushing to catch up with all that needs to be done.. i was gone for over fifteen days this month . i loved being with my family, and it was great to be in italy again, especially the time spent in palermo (ciao mirko!), and my sisters rock (though i kicked their butts in uno), but it was just altogether way too much time spent out of town, out of my normal life, and getting back into the routine will be hard. i know, i go on vacation for two weeks to italy, and already i’m complaining? go figure.

hotter than heck

hi there! i’m typing this in a tiny cooped-up room with a weird keyboard that has all these strange keys like ò è � , with the possibility of sweating to death, but i’m happy. because i’m in positano, italy! incredible to be back in italy, i’m hit with so many memories every which way i look – and when i talk to people, i can feel the italian slowly (but ever so slowly, slower than last time i came to visit over five years ago. use it or lose it indeed.) coming back and i get such a thrill.

things to do

so i’ve been going crazy with textpattern recently. here’s my lovely list that maybe maybe i can get done (crazy!) before i leave this monday.