missing l.a.

for years now, i’ve been planning on leaving l.a. once i get my masters, and move somewhere closer to my family in maryland. not to maryland – i’ve never wanted to live in maryland, every since i was pretty young, don’t know why – but somewhere close-ish so i could drive or fly there for weekend get-togethers, birthdays, school plays, and the everyday things like that. however, as the date gets nearer – graduation will be in mid-june and i imagine i’ll leave by autum at the latest – it gets harder to really start planning on leaving l.a., not being here in this city that i never gave a thought to, never thinking i’d live in at all, much less almost six years now.

it feels like friday!

with my new schedule, where i have monday and wednesday’s off* it’s been a little jarring to my sense of weekdays/weekend. no complaining here, it’s a nice thing to feel like it’s friday all day only to realize friday is just a couple of days away. ;)


“Comanche is a 10 year old, 15 hand Appaloosa gelding. He is 15 hands. He spent a year trail riding through Will Rogers park before coming to Mill Creek in 2000.”