iris finished

i’m so proud, i love this demi-shawl. this is my second handspun knitted project, and the first that’s 100% spindle-spun. yay! it’s funny, i don’t like knitting with variegated yarn usually, but i absolutely love spinning it. and in this case, i agree with others, the simpler the lace stitch is, the better it works with variegated yarn. here, the feather and fan stitch worked beautifully, if i may say so myself. ;) aren’t the colors amazing? and that last pic is kinda crazy with its super-saturation but it does show the pretty lace pattern.


hi there ~ not too thrilled today, but at least there’s interesting things going on, such as the roving i got this past weekend at the spinning guild meeting. it’s dyed by janel, a member and the editor of spindlicity, and isn’t it beautiful?