children behave

hi there – my weekend was fantastic but this morning i woke with a nasty stomach-something-or-other so i’m staying home today.. probably has something to do with the 3+ betty crocker blueberry muffins with the crumbly-sugar topping i gobbld up late last night. (i added that plus sign because after that third muffin, it all got a bit hazy for me..)

and i ran, i ran so far away

oh, i tried, believe me, i tried to have something knitted to show for today but it’s now almost 1 am and i surrender. i’ve had a hunch for a while that i knit weird – i think it might be something like combined knitting but i’m not sure. i knit, and purl, with both hands – in other words, the right side of the project is always facing me – it just feels more comfortable that way.. and so tonight, while trying to finish up my first sock, i realized i’d been doing ssk wrong this whole time: they were coming out exactly like my k2tog.

techie tuesday

i just read that microsoft plans to unveil internet explorer 7 sometime soon, which comes as a surprise to many as it was stated a while back that the next version would come packaged with the next operating system, right now snazzily called ‘longhorn’. internet explorer 6 was released in 2001, and due to so many bugs and limitations, as well as the explosion of other better browsers (go firefox!), has been losing an unprecedented number of users for months now, which is incredible. and long overdue. as a direct result of this loss, have no doubt, microsoft is bringing out ie7 wayyy earlier than originally planned.

california beauty

hello ~ this weekend was gorgeous here in sunny california and, as a result of a recent decision to go out to nature at least a couple of times a month else i go stir-crazy, today i spent a number of hours driving around curvy canyon roads with a friend of mine. pictures were taken and a fun time was had by all—thanks to all the recent rain, it positively glowed out there, with all the green so rich and deep in color and intensity, it was just beautiful.. as you can see in the pic here, when we stumbled on ‘black walnut park’, and here, too, where i set up a little gallery of a bunch of our lovely photos. as a result of today’s meanderings, black walnut trees are now vying with birch for the number one tree spot in my heart.

foodie friday

first: it’s a rainy day in l.a. which makes me just want to stay in my warm snuggly bed, surf the internet (kowabunga, dude! it cracks me up how many of the terms associated with the internet sound so silly — like “information super-highway”, ha! remember that?), read a book, watch t.v., knit and knit, nap and nap, well, you get the idea. but nope, i have a half-day at work and so, am looking forward, as ever, to the weekend.