foodie friday

first: it’s a rainy day in l.a. which makes me just want to stay in my warm snuggly bed, surf the internet (kowabunga, dude! it cracks me up how many of the terms associated with the internet sound so silly — like “information super-highway”, ha! remember that?), read a book, watch t.v., knit and knit, nap and nap, well, you get the idea. but nope, i have a half-day at work and so, am looking forward, as ever, to the weekend.


the other day, i briefly posted about being infuriated about something. that something was the story on this ‘reporter’ who had had two years worth of daily press passes to the white house and who was known for throwing major lobs question-wise to bush’s people, particularly right after some ‘embarassing’ questioning by other journalists.

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